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Toy snakes wanted!

22 January 2012
Toy snakes wanted!
We love hearing about how our cats and kittens are getting along in their new homes. Here's a lovely email that we received last week!

Just to let you know Charlie (you know the big one with attitude) is still going strong. We lost Dumper at xmas so he is the only cat here and so he has 2 people now giving him full affection. He has rooms to himself let alone beds.....and anything he wants he gets pretty much, Wendy is spoiling him rotten. He very rarely lashes out now and is a very settle cat. Still nervous of people at first but he is getting better. We are still on 2 small creatures a week but at least now he either carefully brings them in alive....and grins or dead and puts them in his food bowl. A nice touch we think!

So this brings me to the point......play snakes. Where did they come from. Searched everywhere. I would be very grateful if you know as his are dead.....very very dead. Like the soft mouse and the scratchy cushion...all dead. So S.O.C SAVE OUR CHARLIE....we need snakes and a plentiful supply.

Hope you can help!